Thursday, November 14, 2013


This weekend, Sir and I actually got to spend the entire weekend together without having to pull strings and orchestrate a getaway! I wasn't working, and we had no family obligations or social events to attend.... for what feels like the first time ever, though that's probably inaccurate.

It was so wonderful to just... veg in my house. Sir and I got to cuddle, and I continued unpacking my apartment. Lots of cuddling. Friday night Sir just couldn't wait to try out one of our new toys that he picked up at GKE.

Pretty much as soon as he arrived, I was to strip and get face down on the bed. I finally knew what he was going to do, funnily enough. Without having prior knowledge of his plan, I had unknowingly set a perfect scene for his plans by having found the box that had all the candles in it. And lighting them all before his arrival. He had me help light our brand new candle too, before getting facedown on the bed. The anticipation of knowing what was coming definitely set the butterflies in me. He could tell.

"Are you okay? You seem nervous."

" I am nervous!"

"The girl who would intentionally dip her fingers in Walmart crap candle wax just to peel it off is nervous?"

The candle we bought was designed to melt at a lower temperature, so I knew it wasn't going to be awful. . And this was different. Before, I could control when my fingers would hit the wax. When I would peel it off. Now that control was gone, and I didn't know how it would feel, or what it would be like, or when. So... it hurt.

And it was wonderful. I enjoyed the sensations. The initial fiery moment, the splat of the wax hitting the skin. And the rapid cooling, leaving your skin tight around the now solid surface.

Once Sir was done raining drops of fire on my back... it was time.

To remove it.

I don't know why it never occurred to me that of course, if you put it on, it has to come off. I suppose I never thought to the next part. Which is silly, as I'm a person who has a fixation on peeling things. Glue, old paint, wax, sunburn, scabs... It's pretty ridiculous.

So, Sir peeled it off. Bit by bit. The peeling was just as good as the hot wax. It was also a form of torment for me, as I couldn't peel it myself. Sir made sure to take good care of me after. Nice cuddles and checking my back. He could also see that I was excited to have my entire back covered. just the thought of all that peeling must have done something interesting to my face, because he chuckled at me.

One day!

He had a longer, very fabulous scene planned for me later in the weekend where the wax returned...


  1. MMMM, sounds rather interesting; I've never even considered using hot wax before, err, or rather I should say, never considered having it used on me.
    Such recognition though, with how you mention, how differnt the same sensations can be, when administered by a hand other than our own; What might seem or feel pleasure, and only pleasure, when we do it to ourselves; When coming from the actions of our Dom, wholely out of our control, with unknown force, severity or timing, can feel so entirely differnt;

    As a sub I'm really trying to get a grip on that in particular; I know the pain, sometimes inflicted on me, is no where as severe as often it feels, or indeed as severe as I sometimes inflict on myself (E.G., when I'm 'testing' out a new flogger, cane, on myself, to see what its like, before Sir gets to use it on me).
    But trying to make my brain understand, something isn't as painful as it actually seems to be; its just feling tha tway due to its unexpected timing, or its not being under my control, is so difficult; And I really think I need to do that; to make my mind understand that it is entirely not in my control, and be more able for me to take the pain, enjoy the pain, and ultimately thereby, give greater pleasure to Sir, by letting him cane/flog, etc., me for longer, or harder.

    I guess its all part of learning to 'let go', of 'self', and/or 'control', and allow oneself to give that up, entirely, to ones Dom.

    You may have inspired me to buy a suitable candel with the lower melting temp, for my Sir, and find out if he'll enjoy using it or not. No doubt I'll end up regreting doing so in some ways, but as ever enjoy whatever delicious sensations may be the result for me.


    1. I believe the candle we have is soy, if that helps.

      I think how you interpret pain and sensations as far as how much you can take really changes day to day. For me, I can take more when I'm in the right headspace, when I've been prepared with a slower buildup, and during certain times of the month!


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