Wednesday, November 13, 2013

GKE Sunday

Geeky Kink Event - Part Deux!

After getting back to our hotel room on Sat night/Sun evening, and Sir torturing me with the gag, we had a good sleep. We got up on little sleep, having stayed up till the wee hours. Since I was so good, Sir decided he would bind my hair for me. We did it in pigtails!

We found the loveliest rope from Agreeable Agony on Saturday just for this purpose! We had some pretty skinny hemp rope, but this had even less circumference, held tighter, and had the best results. We bought 120 feet of red  MFP rope, in 2 sections. We had about 30 feet total left over, I would guess. 

It took almost 2 hours to bind my hair like this, but I really enjoyed it. It is a very striking visual. Its application is very intimate between Sir and I - and it highlights one of his loves - my long growing hair. He also enjoyed the many compliments we received on his work! Someone even remarked that they kind of look like horns, which, now that I can see the back myself - isn't too far off. It wasn't the original intent, but it does have such a resemblance. We went back to Agreeable Agony and bought another 120 feet in grey! 1/8 inch apparently does the trick!

The people at the booth were really nice, especially considering the pain in the ass quantity of rope we wanted. They also very nicely taught sir a new and improved method for coiling his rope, which is definitely better than what we'd been doing. Exchanges like that is part of the reason why doing things in person can be very beneficial.

While Sir was binding my hair, I decided to show him that I can do what he does too!  So I took the extra rope that didn't go into my hair and made these arm braces:

I used the same tie that he was doing on my hair to make them. The red goes well with my pretty dress. <3

We went to some pretty nifty workshops, and Sir let me go back into the ball pit, which is so my favorite thing. I think there is a bit of a little in me. I don't think we're quite into full on ageplay, but I do have a little side in me. And a brat side too. I think they're parts of the same coin. I'd guess my little side is maybe 6 or 7ish - old enough to be potty trained, but young enough to brat and whine and regress. And seek protection and lurve from a big strong guy. <3

Hooray Ballpit:

Sir and I in the ballpit.

Such a sexy Sir.

We bought a lot of fun things this weekend, spoke with neat people, learned new skills and information, and really opened communication on our needs.  And I think this time we've really taken physical steps to get there. Since it'll be a year till the next GKE, I'm going to start getting excited about Wicked Faire..... NOW!

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