Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dominant Animals

I am the proud owner of a little grey and white cat named after a fish. Or rather, he owns me, much to Sir’s delight.

I own you with my cuteness and demands for noms!

Recently, I acquired two lizards through necessity. They needed a good caretaker as they weren’t in remotely optimal conditions. They horrify Sir a bit but he always said that I would have a zoo given adequate resources. Perhaps it starts now.

 This is my little Princess. I don't have a picture of the Prince to put here yet.

A funny thing about my lizards – they do brilliant displays of dominance. They’re a pair of bearded dragons. I have a male and female, which I’ve since separated since getting them here (I don’t want another 30 little ones, and he was being really aggressive towards my little princess). Baby beardeds are adorable, but it’s a huge undertaking to raise them.

Baby beardies at the Pet shop. Please, break my heart more.

When a male is trying to impress the ladies, or show that he is the alpha lizard, his chin will puff up, turn black down to his shoulders and he will head bob to show his dominance.

I am in charge!

To show submission, ladies and smaller males will “arm wave”.

See, I'm nice and docile and we don't need no trouble here!

I’ve not seen any arm waving, but there has been plenty of bearding out and head bobbing!

Leave it to me to get a pet that tries to dominate everything – the cat, a passing fly, me, even his own reflection!

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