Sunday, July 01, 2012

Too Vanilla

Sir and I haven't seen each other in nearly 3 weeks. I've been backlogged with work (even though I'm only working one job now), and my weekends have been filled. They've been filled with good things, but filled. I've had volunteer meetings, work training, babysat my niece and nephew, took my mom to see Jesus Christ Superstar, and took my dad to the Old Timer's Game. Every night during the week, I've been working on schedules and plans for my job, because we're on a deadline and its not done. We're a small nonprofit so I'm not looking to get paid for the extra hours, I just don't want to get to the deadline and have nothing.

I've been tired and cranky, and probably a bit bratty. I know I've been more demanding, telling Sir things instead of asking. D/s has slipped to the wayside a bit. I believe the dynamic can still be kept up long distance, but I think Sir finds that difficult to achieve. I wish he would take more initiative in that department. I also feel bad, because he feels like he's backseat to everything else going on lately. I've now put him in the calendar for at least once per week, come hell or high-water. The center will have to wait for a few hours if things aren't done - I'm currently the only one taking work home also, so screw it.

I hope we can reconnect and re-establish the order of things soon, I feel them slipping too. I'd also want more time to think more thoroughly and put more effort into a blog, rather than just some updates. Everything is too half-hazard.

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