Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Being a Little

Sir has decided that I should write three times a week. I know some people out there write daily or even several times a day, but for me, 3 times a week is a lot. I am concerned about not having enough material, about being boring, or not having enough time to properly write about the topics I think are good.

Sir said I was rebelling a bit last night, via phone. I was reading my blogroll, trying to get inspired and play catch up, as ever, and I came across a post about being little on Cherie's blog.

While I don't wholly like the idea of ageplay or babyplay, I do like indulging my little side. Its fun for me. But I think I become a bit bratty when I do so. I don't want to call The Dirty Old Man "daddy" or anything like that, but I do get some satisfaction and fulfillment from letting that side of me come out. I'm not exactly sure what Sir thinks of that situation, or how he feels. I know that he doesn't want to do a daddy/little girl thing, as I don't, which is good. I don't know how he feels about being in a nurturing or protective role at times to a 28 year old woman that behaves like she's 6 at times.

I think as time goes on, we'll find out quickly. She comes out more when "I don't wanna", and lately... I just don't wanna. At all. Ever.


  1. I think the secret to being a regular blogger is to "blog small"

    by that I mean -- don't try to talk about everything all at once -- you're WHOLE day -- or every aspect of an issue.

    Break it into a tiny piece.
    like you did today

    but even a little smaller.

    you can talk about how you felt in a 5 minute period of time.

    when I try to blog BIG -- I get stuck -- and frustrated.

    good luck sister blogger


  2. I felt the same way when I started exploring my little side. The first thing I told Master was 'I won't call you daddy if you don't want me to. I don't need that". I also told him what being 'little' means, and why i think i was that way.

    I suppose it helped him figure out a way to deal with it, and nuture that side of me. His biggest concerns was me being 'little' when I need to be an adult - work, mostly.

    It's never been a problem :)


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