Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sir Was Right

Boy was he so right...

Sir made me interview and do the demo for that job I didn't want. I thought it was a comedy of errors and a waste of time at first. I was late due to being lost, I accidentally dropped a raw egg on the floor, and I ran out of materials in the middle of the demo... but they loved it and they offered me the job! They even went so far to say that if I didn't accept, they would have to start the process all over, because I'm the only one they want.

I haven't accepted it yet; waiting to hear from one more job before I do (a longer term position).

I guess he had some sort of domly intuition about making me do the right thing for my career.


  1. I'm glad his intuition was right and that it went well! Looking forward to hearing how everything turned out!

  2. I got the job, but the job I really wanted waited THREE WEEKS to tell me "no", so I lost the other job as well while waiting. I'm really mad at the lack of professionalism and courtesy of the position I wasn't accepted for; if it's a no, just say so. So I'm in a bit of a bind with no full time job come September.

    But the other position was only 3 months with no benefits so it's not like it would have rocked my world either.


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