Monday, August 06, 2018

Outside Security

On the sidewalk of a house down our street, this fixture is secured into the cement:

It is neat to live in an area with so much history! We live in an historic district, and it's really cool to think about the fact that these horse rings were used to tie your main mode of transportation. And they're still there!

I better be good, or perhaps Sir might find another use for them!


  1. LOL - I thought that's what you were going to say.... that he had them installed just in case he needed to keep you in place!

  2. Hi Lea, It's great to hear from you:) lol,this is awesome. Oh just imagine if he gets any ideas. Yikes! Lol


  3. I love the little holdovers from the past that remain with us......despite most people not even noticing them.

  4. wow i'd definitely be good JUST IN CASE he's inspired to bring the past to the present!


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