Monday, August 27, 2018

Wrap It Up

We're having a housewarming shindig in a couple of weeks and we've been working on getting the house minimally prepared for such an event. As of right now... it's not. This is where a lot of our time has been going.

Sir also has been interviewing like crazy and he finally got a new job! He hasn't started yet, but he's looking forward to sleeping in longer and a much shorter commute.

Sir saw these at Walmart and they came home with us. I don't know if we'll ever use them for their originally designed purpose.


  1. Hi Lea, wonderful to hear from you, I enjoyed reading your update. Congratulations to your Sir on the new job. Good luck with the house sorting. Hope you have a fabulous house warming :)


  2. Love hearing that you are on the upswing! Ha, I have never seen those before! Cool.

  3. Gratz about the new job and shorter commute! And wishing u a lovely housewarming :)

  4. Pervertibles from Walmart! It's the American Way!

  5. Yeah on the new job! :) Hmmm, what was their intended use? LOL


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