Monday, July 03, 2017


We're back from vacation; it was a fantastic few days. Sun, sand, kayaking, family. Exploring local state parks, walking around downtown. I wish we could have stayed longer.

While we were in Rehoboth, Sir went into a candy store. I didn't know it at the time, but he bought a bunch of Swedish Fish.

When we got back home, he put them into the fridge and told me that I am not to eat them unless he personally gives them to me.

If I have been good, or he decides that I have earned it, he has given me a few. It is definitely a lesson in temptation - to NOT eat them on my own; to follow instruction.

The other night I earned my first fish, for being nice and baking my coworker a cake for his birthday (his kitchen is under construction, so no cake for him!)

Yesterday, I earned about 5 fish. I cleaned the living room while having an injured back. I pulled my back something terrible a couple of days ago, and our house was a wreck. There were things all over from vacation, things all over from my work trip, and just... things. So, I slowly and with breaks did the living room. Sir was happy, and I got fishies!

Today we've set the house to rights, thankfully, and can enjoy it.


  1. Hi Lea, this all sounds wonderful! Glad you had a wonderful vacation and congratulations on the rewards :) That would certainly be an exercise in resisting temptation! I hadn't heard of sweedish fish lollies, but I think we do have similar, though maybe not that shape. Chocolate fish though :)


    1. Pushed the button too fast lol. I meant to add I hope your back heals quickly.

  2. I havent heard of swedish fish either but glad to know u're enjoying them. Also, dont overdo it till your back heals! Speedy recovery!

  3. My back is finally more or less healed. I do love me those Swedish fish. They even make an ice flavor of it at Rita's (an italian ice shop)


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