Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Being Direct

Sir says that I am very direct.

He is not wrong. I am usually upfront about most things. I strive to be honest, sometimes brutally so. It can be difficult for me to be diplomatic when necessary (usually at work). It can be difficult for me to back off of certain things.

While he enjoys this quality, as he never has to worry about me playing those games where I give him the silent treatment, or he has to figure out why I am upset - I will just tell him, sometimes he doesn't like it.

He says it's not a very submissive quality.

I guess that is true too. I have an outgoing personality. I am willfull. Submission doesn't come naturally for me; I have to work at it. But I am not happy when I am the dominant one in the relationship, which is an easy role for me to fall into.

So I suppose I have to figure out how to balance the good qualities of being a very direct person with also retaining a submissive manner for him.

How am I to do that?

I suppose it has to do with phrasing (Are we not doing phrasing anymore?!)


  1. Hi Lea, it is a difficult balancing act. I think you are onto something with phrasing. Also, small acts of submission when arriving home at the end of the day can help get back into a submissive mindset.


  2. I think phrasing is key too. I'll have to think about how to phrase things. As far as small acts of submission at the end of the day, that is something to ponder too. I usually arrive home from work before Sir, and he has been collaring me when he gets home, so that helps, but in the meantime... I'm sure we can think of something!


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