Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sir is winning this week.

It has been a good week. Sir has pretty much been on FIRE with being awesome this week.

He had me take his new car to work on Monday, since he was off and he could bring my car to the shop to get my airbag fixed. Tuesday morning, I get into my car to go to work, and I see that he also got my entire windshield replaced, too, as a surprise! It's had an enormous crack in it for about a month. I was stressing about how I was going to fix it, both with time, and with the money to do it. This is a HUGE gesture on his part that made me feel so loved, feeling like he has my back.

He also did the dishes when I was away in Virginia all weekend. 

And he brought me cookies and milk. In bed! What a man.

I made him a nice steak dinner to show him that I really do appreciate him. He accidentally left it out on the counter when he went to make lunch the next day. I am the type of person who goes off like a bottlerocket when angered. I am really mad at first, and then I am over it. Sir on the other hand, simmers and stews in his anger. He was more mad at himself than I was. It was a Buy One, Get One offer, so I have another one in the freezer. I joked that we only threw the "free" one away. We have another shot with the one I actually paid money for, haha.

This weekend I stayed home to rest. I've been sick for a couple of weeks. I stayed in my jammies and watched the Harry Potter marathon literally all weekend. I did take breaks to eat, shower, clean a little. But mostly, chilling on the couch in my PJ's watching Harry Potter.

Today, Sir saw that I was cold, and he had the fan on (he's always warm). He told me to turn the fan off. I didn't (I didn't want him to be hot; I could just put the blanket on). He repeated himself, stating: You know this is not a request, do it now.

So I did, and just that little statement made my stomach flip in a great way.

I hope next week is as good as this week!


  1. Hi Lea, how wonderfully attentive of your Sir, lucky girl :) Hope you are feeling better soon. The weekend in jammies actually sounds quite nice lol


    1. It was fantastic and definitely needed, thank you!


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