Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sex Horoscope

So, my sister-in-law recently posted a meme about what your astrological sign says about your sexual preferences. For a kick, I went to check out mine and Sir's and they were pretty funny.

Virgo (me):"The Virgo wants nothing more than to feel desired. Most likely, this person will be the submissive in the bedroom and will love anything that involves getting dominated."

Well, I'd say that is spot on.

Scorpio (Sir): "Scorpios are extremely passionate. Where the Virgo likes to be dominated, the Scorpio likes to do the dominating. A Scorpio will spank you all night long."

 Are they spying on us?... Eerie!

Though it was just for fun, I was amused by the results.

If you're interested, here's the link:


  1. Love this Lea, thanks for sharing. Will definitely have to check it out :)


  2. i had to click on the link and it was pretty accurate for us too!


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