Monday, June 05, 2017

One Lucky Bitch

I have never been so happy to have forgotten to put my wristcollar back on after showering.

I went away this weekend, after working all day. I was moving a lot of furniture around, and loading our van up at work. After a day of this, I was on my way to NJ when I look down at my wrist.

It was empty.

Wristcollar was not there. First, I can't believe it took me nearly an entire day to notice. Second, PANIC!!!!

I started to freak out. Now that I noticed, I can't help but feel naked without it. And I was seriously concerned that in all the moving and hauling of the day, I may have popped it off, to be lost forever. It has popped off now and again in similar situations.

I called Sir, and left him a voicemail to let him know what was going on, and to ask if he could please check the house when he got home for it. I was really really hoping that I was dumb (again), and forgot to replace it after showering.

A few hours later he let me know it was there.

"You are one lucky, lucky, bitch," he said.


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