Wednesday, February 08, 2017

25% of the Way!

Been a bit quiet here. I'd been away, traveling in Raleigh. It was a really nice break to visit friends while I'm on hiatus from work. It was extra nice since they're one of the few friends I have that know about me and Sir. It is so very nice not to have to dance around topics or have to try and not explain why certain relationship advice just won't work.

And because we are human and most social activities revolve around food, the visit also became the eating tour of Raleigh, as it usually does. I'd recently restarted back on MyFitnessPal, with mixed motivation but I have to say - since coming back, I've been a beast with it. Really motivated and sticking to my plan!

Sir has even allowed me to start putting stickers back on my Kitty Chart again. It had been very lonely for quite some time. I am now over 25% of the way there!!

I noticed there were a bunch of blue and green stickers. 
Sir chooses them, and those are his favorite colors, haha!

It has been a nice couple of weeks. Sir and I are preparing to hunker down for the impending snowstorm that should be hitting us any minute now. I hope you are all warm and safe! Or, if it is summery where you are, cool and safe!


  1. Hi Lea,glad you had such a wonderful time, how great to be among friends who you can be totally open with.

    Good on you, keep up the good work :) Hope the snow storm isn't as bad as predicted. Stay safe.


    1. It was not bad at all! The snowstorm brought 1 inch! Today, however, we got about a foot!

  2. Snowstorm! Wow, when you live in the south, those things sound almost mythical. LOL Stay safe, hope you get to enjoy some cuddle time!

  3. Replies
    1. I wish! We both would love another cat, but it's not permitted in our lease right now.


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