Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Perfect Sunday

I've finally gone back to work for the season, and things have been a bit hectic even before I went. I used my time off to take a few trips to see different family members and friends, a trip to see our nation's capitol (hard for even me to believe I'd never been to DC before), a trip to help my cousin paint a bedroom for her new baby to come, and I had a major oral surgery a few weeks ago that I'm just starting to truly heal. Phew.

The day before I went back to work, Sir planned the perfect Sunday for me.

We had a wonderful lazy morning with fantastic sex. No need to hurry; just taking our time. We stayed in bed afterwards cuddling for awhile before hot showers. Then I made us a french toast breakfast. We ate, and then cuddled some more while watching TV. In the afternoon, he had me drive us somewhere, but he wouldn't tell me where. After running an errand, he brought us to the movies, and we saw Moana. There is a great mom and pop movie theatre by us that shows "out of date" movies, that to me are still pretty new for a huge discount. After the movie, we picked up some Chinese for dinner and continued catching up on Game of Thrones.

A perfectly indulgent Sunday. Sir said he wanted to plan a really nice relaxing day where I didn't have to worry about chores, housework, or other issues, and I could just enjoy myself before going full boar back at work.

Well, he succeeded! Just another reason why I love this man.


  1. Hi Lea, glad you enjoyed your time off visiting family and friends and that you are recovering well from the oral surgery. Sounds like a wonderful last day before returning to work. How lovely or your Sir :)


  2. Oh, that sounds wonderful! So glad y'all got to relax and enjoy a whole day together!

  3. Aww Lea what a beautiful day, happy for you! ☺️

  4. Sounds perfect to me! hugs abby

  5. If we get one day a week like this together, I'm happy. I need meaningful time with him.


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