Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Six Sexy Years

I made it home in time for our anniversary! Both Sir and I were really pleased.

Six years. I say this every year, but it doesn't seem real. Time flies. It makes me feel old, as in, how can I be old enough to have had this meaningful relationship with anyone for this long? That is some adult shit right there.

Sir and I went out for a nice dinner to celebrate. We got all spiffed up. Sir really dislikes dressing up... he hates wearing ties. But he wore one for me. Just another one of those little things that shows his love, since he knows I like seeing him all formal once in a while.

Sir even managed a smile for this photo!
He selected this satiny dress for me to wear. 

We had a nice dinner out at a local brewery (which was actually a pretty fancy place), and then we came home. Sir said he "had plans" for me. We sat on the couch for a bit and I promptly passed right out though. Typical, haha. He elected to put me to bed. I told him that I could rally, but he told me to get the hell in bed!

The next day, he more than made up for it, though.


  1. Hi Lea, congratulations on your anniversary! So glad you made it home in time and that you celebrated with a lovely dinner out. Thank you for sharing the photos, you both looked wonderful and the dress is awesome, very pretty :)


  2. Happy anniversary Lea!
    Sounds like you had a perfect time together 😊


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