Friday, January 01, 2016

Hair Bound for the New Year

New Year's Day. Sir and I had a bit of a lie-in since we got home from the party pretty late (well, late for us, haha).

Upon waking, Sir said that my hair looked like it could be brushed. Would I like him to brush my hair?

I wasn't fully awake and not making sense at first.

"Make your choice... this is a limited time offer," he said in a singsong voice.

Well, I certainly wasn't going to refuse such an offer; I love having my hair played with, touched, brushed,.. pretty much anything.

I jumped up out of bed to grab my hairbrush.

It was sitting on the windowsill in the bathroom. Upon handing it to Sir, he noticed that it was cold. He certainly used that to his advantage, pressing it to my sides, shocking me into being awake, then lulling me back into that dreamy haze by using those long strokes of the hairbrush, teeth scraping my back as my hair became untangled. I certainly enjoyed every stroke of that brush.

"Do you know what is going to happen now?"

I wasn't. Maybe make breakfast, clean something, start sucking?

"Whatever you tell me to do, Sir?"

"Well, that's a given. You're going to put your hair into a ponytail."

...I am? I am! My brain clicked into place and I finally realized what was probably going to happen. I darted back to the bathroom to grab a hair tie and put my hair up.

For Christmas, I had given Sir two 16-foot lengths of purple paracord as a stocking stuffer. It was sitting pretty at the craft store, and I figured I should get *something* kinky for him for Christmas, right?

I felt Sir take the paracord and start lacing it around my ponytail. This of course attracted the interest of our cat. How dare we use string and not invite his highness!

All string belongs to me, humans.

I did my best to keep my head straight while  keeping kitty away from the paracord. Several times Sir had to yank on my hair and remind me to stay still. 

I enjoyed the feeling of the paracord whipping against my back as Sir made loops around my hair. I enjoyed feeling the initial ponytail become tight against my head. I loved feeling the weight slowly being added. I wore it all day and right now it feels natural, as if it's part of me.

When Sir had completed his work, he had another task for me.

"Do you know what you are going to do now? You are going to suck my dick."

After Sir took a quick shower, I got to work, licking and sucking him. I was really into it this morning, despite me being silly (but what else is new).

"Bitch, if you're not already, get yourself wet."

Sir had me get on top and ride him. This morning I felt electrified as if I had goosebumps everywhere. Everything tingled.

"Come for me...You better come for me. If you don't, I am going to punish you, you hear me? Come for me."

Hearing that is almost like encouragement rather than a deterrent. Which I suppose it's meant to be. I think my brain treats it more like permission and gets more into it over worrying about what will happen if I don't finish. I suppose it removes my inhibitions about certain things, so I can enjoy it more.

I did come, and it was intense. Not sure if it was loud. We recently got new neighbors upstairs, but fuck it, we are who we are I guess. After I finished, I resumed riding Sir until he unceremoniously flipped me over, fucking me until he came. Wonderful. Sir has a hard time finishing while using a condom so I felt such joy that he was obviously enjoying himself as much as I was. I am also sporting an enormous hickey on my shoulder.

We'll soon be done with these stupid condoms. I finally got my birth control and will be starting on Sunday.

After letting me lay a bit since my legs felt like Jell-O, Sir had me rise to make breakfast. I got my apron on and whipped up some bacon and eggs. Sir spent time studying and I've been cleaning the house of all the holiday mess.

I adore my hair, thank you Sir!

What a lovely way to start 2016!


  1. Wonderful post Lea,

    Lets hope it continues into 2016 :)



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