Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Not My Place to Be Annoyed

When we were travelling for the holidays, Sir forgot to pack his pajama bottoms.

I got unduly annoyed by this. I'm not exactly sure why. It's Sir's body. If he wants to sleep in jeans, that's his prerogative. And because of our lucky circumstances (two nights in a hotel room, another night at his dad's in the guest room with the door closed), he only had to sleep in his jeans for one night (in my cousins' living room on the airbed).

So why does it annoy me so?

Maybe because I got the pants for him? Maybe because I don't like the thought of him being uncomfortable?

In writing this, I had a brand new thought, a revelation, perhaps.

Maybe it has something to do with preparedness and planning? Not packing them means not planning and being prepared. Lack of forethought has been a thorn in my side for some time...

I'm not exactly sure WHY I get annoyed about it, and that doesn't matter. I do know one thing.

It's not my place, and I need to get over myself. Instead of getting annoyed that he forgot to bring PJ pants when travelling (especially when he typically sleeps nude or in his underwear, so why would he think of that when packing), perhaps I can serve him better by trying to remember for him? Maybe I can try to think more of him and his comfort and being helpful when we're packing to travel.

And if both of us forget, definitely not huff, suck my teeth and sulk in annoyance.

More things to work on for the future!

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