Monday, November 17, 2014

Sir's Birthday Part 1

It was Sir's birthday this weekend. I did my best to try and make sure he had a great weekend, especially with our limited resources at the moment.

He actually woke up before me! I wanted to serve him breakfast in bed, but that didn't work out.

I woke and selected a dress (below) that I thought would please him. I'd never worn it before. I thought he would like the color and leather touches. I put on my black stockings and my knee-high black leather boots for him to finish getting myself ready.

The dress I wore for Sir's birthday. 
I was not wearing those socks at the time!

For breakfast he asked for scrambled eggs. I of course made those, but I also made some bacon and cinnamon rolls. I tried to be fancy and roll some bacon into each cinnamon swirl. They came out okay, but I know Sir appreciated the effort. We snuggled on the couch while we ate breakfast and watched Netflix. Eventually Sir was acting like a little kid.

"Presents now?" ... "How about now?"

I told Sir that I can't say no to him on his Birthday! (Or anytime else, really!)

So I gave him his gifts.

I got us 2 movie tickets for next week to see Mockingjay. I also got him a new I-phone cord because he needed it. He wanted to go to the gaming store, so we took a trek downtown (after realizing we probably could have walked). Then we went to Goodwill, hoping to find him a new coat (his is beat). There weren't any coats for him, but I found a new pair of work shoes (I can't stand all day in the knee-high boots without my feet screaming at me).

We came home for a late lunch, and then headed to the movies! Sir LOVES going to the movies. He used to go almost every week before we moved. We haven't gone once since the move. mostly due to time and resources. But for a special occasion, we can splurge! We went to see Big Hero 6. Sir loves animated films and robots. We took a corny picture in front of a promotional display, and Sir decided to hug the robot! I want to frame that photo; Sir is so cute in it.

The movie was excellent. We were both surprised by how much we enjoyed the film. We both want toy Baymaxes now, haha.

After the movie, we stopped at this sushi grill for dinner. We ordered chicken udon soups, futomaki and tuna rolls. Sir likes sushi, but we don't eat it a lot. We've also been looking for a place to get udon soup, so that was good. 

Upon returning home, I barricaded the kitchen (I put a chair in front of the kitchen doorway) while I got his cake together. Ice cream cake for Sir, his favorite! My cake writing skills leave something to be desired, but it tasted good!

After watching a not-so-good comedy special, we passed out. I thought we were going to get down to some more exciting activities, but I should have known. With Sir it was only a delay; he didn't put it off the table entirely.

And so upon waking, we had a fun morning...

Part 2 to come!

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  1. i am glad to hear you liked the movie... Papa Bear and i rarely go to the movies, but we have thought about seeing that one because we both love cartoons


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