Monday, November 03, 2014

Collar Cabinet

I think I found the perfect place to keep my collars when they're not in use!

Sir has said for a long time that once we're living together, he wanted me to have a place near the front door to keep my collar so I can put it on right away when coming in from work, etc.

So, I have this small piece of furniture that I took from my mom's a few years ago (she was going to throw it out!)

 So, I added a cute surprise to it!

I had some leftover red satin from a cosplay project (I upgraded the cape to a leather material, so I no longer need the satin). I placed that nicely in the drawer, and voilà! Now we have a nice place to keep collars. I like that the satin makes it... fancy. It lends a sense of reverence and importance to it, as it should. In the bottom, I am thinking of putting a kneeling pillow, therefore making this entire piece purely for D/s purposes. I don't like the idea of my collars being on top with random stuff strewn in the bottom.

I love how this drawer came out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I do too, and Sir really loved it.

  2. Been reading your blog for a while
    Your relationship reminds me very much of my own with my Master
    we too are slowly transitioning to living together..
    love reading all you write xx

    1. Thank you for coming out of the woodwork to reply. It means a lot to me.

      Good luck in the living together transition, I understand what a challenge it can be.

  3. Very nice! i love how hard you're working to not forget to put it on immediately when you walk in the door!! The reverence and importance you're placing within the collar too is so awesome!

    1. Thanks. I am working to remember. I hope that I'll get to the point where it is second nature. A few times, I will take it off before showering, and put it on the bed. Then Sir will put it in the cabinet while I'm showering and I will forget. It's hard not to get mad at him for moving it, but regardless of its location I should remember!


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