Saturday, February 16, 2013

D/s is back!

Reporting to you live from Wicked Faire. It's been months since Sir decided it would be best for me if we put our D/s on hiatus. This weekend marks us rekindling that aspect of our relationship. Last month, on our 2 year anniversary, we did have some very slight bondage of my breasts, but other than that, we've been vanilla for 4 months.

I'm nervous and excited - I really want this part of our relationship back, but I know its going to be very difficult for me to get back into the right headspace, and follow directives without thinking about myself first.

Yesterday he called and told me to print the schedule (I couldn't because I don't have a working printer). But I did get into a little huff about it - annoyed that on top of all the other things I had to do to be ready, I had to cram this in as well. I stopped myself, luckily. What I should have been thinking is how doing this simple task would be a service to Sir and make his life easier, which was probably his intent. It's just hard to change one's thinking after going back to being very autonomous and outspoken.

That being said, I'm excited. We're here. And if you're here too, let me know - I'm up for meeting up!

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  1. Hope you had fun even though we didn't get to meet! I kept getting grabbed to harass performers and set up their shows. It took Daniel about five minutes just to see if he was dry enough to hug me because of all the fake blood on him during the Bad things show.

    Sometimes being friends with an opera singer means dealing with all her high maintenance prep. Especially when she has laryngitis. Oi.

    But seriously, I hope you had fun. I'm glad you and the sir are back to things and doing better. Master and I get to have giggle fits while poking each other with my new violet wand I got yesterday.


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