Monday, August 13, 2012

Sir is Stepping it Up

Camping 2 weeks ago with my friend was just what I needed, I think. I was away from everything - job, emails, phone, other people. Even Sir. Being away from him really helped me think about things. He has definitely been trying to step it up, and I can see his efforts.

Sir says that I am a really low-maintenance girlfriend, but a high-maintenance submissive. I asked him what that means, and in our vanilla life, it's really easy to make me happy. I don't want expensive things, I'm not interested in what he has; cars, objects, etc. I just want to spend time with him, whether that means being in the house watching a DVD, taking a walk, or going out to a concert or pub, etc. But as a submissive, he feels that I need a lot more attention, and I'm constantly craving more - I need to be controlled at all times. I suppose that's true. I flourish under his hand. But when I'm not taken to task for breaking rules, or neglecting things, or not given tasks in the first place, I get very bratty, unruly, and rebellious. It's true. Sir is good at handling me in person, but when we're not together every day, that's where it gets harder. So we're working on that part, and trying to work in seeing each other more for the rest.

My friend who I went camping with is aware of our true relationship. It was refreshing not to have to hide things from her, like why I go to bed at a certain time, why I'm wearing what I am and the like. She even kept a watchful eye over me, making sure I was following known rules for Sir. It did help, and it was nice not to have to dissemble.

I hope Sir endeavors to keep a tighter hand on me. I should be wary saying that.

Be careful what you wish for!


  1. My Master Samadhi always cautions "Be careful what you wish for! "

  2. I've just started reading your blog and really enjoying it :) It must be nice to have a friend in real life that you don't need to hide this type of relationship from.


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