Monday, April 16, 2012

Turned On

I've been feeling Sir's absence this week. I've worked 6 days, and pulled 12 hour days for the end of it. Then I had to travel all day Sunday for a stressful family event. As a result, I've been having extremely sexual dreams lately, and I've been feeling very lustful. Besides that, I just miss him. I want to cuddle.

Sir has been giving me assignments and tasks to complete when we're apart, and I really enjoy this. My life always seems to be turned upside-down, so I've not finished yet, but I will.

Sometimes I still feel his presence when we're apart, and things like having tasks really help.


  1. Good to hear he is giving you tasks that make you feel his presence when he is gone. I would think it helps keep you focused.


    1. Thank you, Florida Dom. It does help me focus, and feel more submissive and more mindful of my place and what we want for us!


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