Sunday, February 12, 2012

The First Bedtime Punishment

Sir has definitely been trying to step up his game. Little by little, we’ll be the best couple we can be – for us.

Last week when I did not get myself to bed on time, I wondered what would happen. I thought that perhaps Sir would decide that nothing would happen and he would forgive me, which happens more often that I think is good for our relationship.

At the end of our date last week, he let me know that he did NOT forget and he HAS to do something about it. Sir really does NOT like punishing me. It seems like having to punish me is like a punishment for him. And I can see that; it’s not something he relishes having to do just as I don’t typically revel in behaving badly. However, it sometimes seems like he sees it as a chore. And perhaps it is but in the type of relationship we have it’s a necessary chore. Each chore is different and one can enjoy one’s chores (for example, I really enjoy vacuuming). It’s not that I want him to LIKE punishing me, but this weekend, as we were talking about things, we both agreed that Sir “needs to be more ready with a punishment” (his words). Perhaps if we were more prepared, it wouldn’t be something that hangs over our heads; it would flow more naturally.

I sat there nervously awaiting his decision. Laughter incessantly bubbled up from down in my gut and continuously escaped my lips. I don’t know why I do this. Oftentimes, when I make a gaffe my body will find it to be ultra-hilarious and I will laugh uncontrollably even though I know it makes me seem like I’m not taking the situation seriously. I need to work on changing this.

Sir finally made a decision that surprised me. He let me know that he was warring with two options – both involving a change in bedtime for that night. He toyed with the idea of keeping me up until 3 am – as a reminder of why exactly I have a bedtime and what I was like before I actually got sleep each night (he also told me he has seen a great improvement in my mental health and state of being since I’ve had a bedtime). However, he decided instead that my bedtime would essentially be as immediate as possible upon my return home. He didn’t want to undo the progress I’ve been making and upset all the good stability that he’s worked to instill in me.

I think that Sir definitely tried to make the punishment fit the crime – something that I certainly appreciate and support. Creativity is key. When I got home, I got into bed as soon as I could. This was around 9:30 pm. I had to shut off all the lights. I had to shut off the television. Even my cat couldn’t be compelled to sit with me. And so I stared at the ceiling. And stared. And stared. Oddly enough, I couldn’t fall asleep until 11 pm, my normal bedtime. So for 90 minutes, I had time to reflect. Is this effective? Is it fitting? I suppose it’s fitting. I’m not sure what would have been worse – being kept up, or being forced to stay abed. If awake, I might have gotten things done (it would be difficult to stay awake and not have some sort of task), but I would be feeling it the next day, like I used to. But I did not enjoy laying there awake, either. Sir also instructed me that if I woke early I was to stay in bed until my normal waking time, which did apply. I suppose that I should be grateful that he’s set a reasonable time for me and I am a bit. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Sir. He always does his utmost to make decisions and rules to help me and us. To send me to bed every night at 9:30 pm would make it very difficult for me to get things done, so while I am grateful, I am also proud also that he takes care to think of what is realistic for me and us. I could sleep at 9, and then wake quite early to get things done, but that’s not so practical. I think I appreciate the time chosen more now; I think I took his decision for granted.

Being that he also let me stay up late to go to a game and dinner this week, I think I appreciate that bedtime more as well. And as such, I’ll be off to meet it!


  1. My boyfriend knows I'm a submissive and would like to follow him. This is easier in theory, but I'm finding it harder to do in real life. My boyfriend and I moved in together six months ago. It's taken some getting used to, because we were both on our own for some time. We've been bickering for a couple months now. One recent morning I became angry because I felt he was being unappreciative of my efforts, so I pulled dry clothes from the dryer (that I had washed for him) and made a big scene of throwing them in the hallway and telling him that he could do his own laundry from now on. He went to work and I went about my day. He worked late that night, and I was asleep when he came to bed. The next morning I awoke to him yanking down my panties and pushing himself inside me, I tried to pull away from him, but he held me down, pushed a big dildo into my mouth hard, pulled my hair and told me he would fuck me however and whenever he wanted. Then he climbed on top of me and pushed an anal plug roughly into my ass and kept fucking me from behind. I was unable to move or get away, and the dildo was deep into my mouth, because he kept pushing my face into the pillow. He grabbed the wooden spoon from our toy chest and spanked me hard several times. Then he roughly grabbed my hair and stood up and told me to crawl. He pulled me into the hallway where I had thrown his clothes and held me tightly by the hair and told me to fold them. After I folded a couple pieces, he let me go and told me to do a good job and to come back to bed when I finished. He went back into the bedroom and shut the door. He left me there on my knees with my panties around my ankles and the butt plug sticking obscenely out of my ass. I folded his clothes and put them all away. It took me 10-15 minutes. I entered the bedroom quietly, not knowing exactly what to expect. He was laying down and told me to come suck his cock slowly. I got on my knees and did so. Then he told me to ride his cock. I rode him until he came inside me. I knew he wasn't going to give me any pleasure, and I was embarrassed that I had to ask for permission to remove the plug. I was very sweet and agreeable after that. I apologized for my attitude. Later I commented that he had pulled so much hair out of me, because it kept coming out when I ran my fingers through my hair and part of my scalp was sore. He said I deserved it. Although it was humiliating, I've secretly masturbated remembering this so many times. I would be too embarrassed to admit that to him. I feel the punishment fit the crime. I'm curious as to what others think of this incident.

    1. Honestly, reading your words I was at first, a little bit horrified, because I didn't know the set-up of your relationship - how you've negotiated, or worked on that sort of thing being appropriate, seemingly out of nowhere.

      But if you're okay with it, and okay with it enough to have masturbated to it - then it works for you.

      I too have embarrassment over admitting certain things out loud to him, and while I wouldn't say I enjoy being humiliated (or else it wouldn't be true humiliation), part of me DOES like it, the part where he forces me, or puts me in my place.

    2. Yes, I find it so strange that I like being humiliated. Well- like you said- part of me likes it.


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