Monday, September 16, 2019

Back from the Banks

Sir and I have just returned from a fantastic vacation to the Outer Banks.

I haven't been able to relax like this in a long while. We rented this baller-ass house with friends. It slept 14, had a hot tub, a pool, a viewing tower, oceanfront views, and was a 1 minute walk to the beach.

We were delayed 1 day due to Hurricane Dorian, but it turned out well. Took me 4 whole days to get relaxed, but it was just... beyond words.

We did a lot of nothing, sprinkled with some activities. Reading, sunning, hot-tubbin, pina colada sippin. Beach bumming. I did go to the aquarium and an old-time colony village with Sir. Went kayaking with my college girl friends. Checked out Jockey's Ridge State Park - the Sand Dunes were amazing.

I could easily stay there another couple weeks (or forever!) if it weren't for adult responsibilities. I still feel pretty jello-like, even after a day back at work. Hopefully this feeling will stay a while.

Or we'll have to plan another vacation!

A few photo highlights (we took over 1600 photos!)

The sunrise. Just sucks all the awfulness right out of you, and leaves it in the sand.

Went kayaking in the marshes. Saw a snowy egret!

This bathtub was amazing. And had jets!
I bought some bath bombs specifically for it. I want one at home!

Sir and I on the dock at the Roanoke Island Festival Park. 💚


  1. Hi Lea, wow, sounds like an awesome vacation, and the pics are amazing. Glad you had such a wonderful, relaxing time. Hope the relaxed feeling stays with you :)


    1. Hi Roz,

      It really was fantastic, thank you!

  2. Welcome back! We were away as Peru. The biggest difference is that your vacation was more about relaxing and ours was an endless series of treks to ancient ruins, museums, nature sanctuaries, and even the Amazon. Rosa and I are not built for relaxing. LOL Yours looks great though from the pictures. Glad you had fun.

    1. I think for vacations I prefer a little of both. Some running around and adventure, some relaxation and chilling.


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