Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I Got a Pain in my Neck for Christmas (And It's NOT Sir!!)

Hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and a lovely holiday season.

Sir and I had a good day today. His dad drove down from about 3 hours away; that meant a lot. He took us to dinner, then he stayed over and we made him breakfast in the morning. After he left, Sir and I had a nice low-key day at home. We put on the Yule Log, exchanged gifts and just hung around.

Sir definitely spoiled me this year. We set a budget, but he ignored it, haha. He's also been taking care of me. A few days ago, I either strained my neck, or pinched a nerve or something and I've been in a lot of pain. Consequently, the collar has been off for the past few days, as it exacerbates the already excruciating situation. I miss it and I want to heal so we can get back to normal around here.

Tomorrow morning, we're calling the doctor. Initially I was giving it a couple of days to see if it would start healing, but it is not, and I just can't do this. I can't move my head, I can't sleep (hence why I'm up in the living room when Sir's asleep in b ed). I can't focus really.

Despite all that, Sir planned a really nice evening for us. He prepared a charcuterie board with sausages, cheeses, mustard, crackers, and popcorn. We were going to drink a little, enjoy the board, and watch a movie. I couldn't drink, since I've been popping pain medicine, but he enjoyed a little. His effort means so much to me; he really tried to make it special. Also I never had Hickory Farms products that are popular this time of year, which surprised him and he wanted to correct that.

We watched Secretary. Funny; we both got each other this movie for Christmas this year; so now we have two copies, haha. Sir mentioned offhand a bit ago that he had never seen it before, which boggled my mind. He enjoyed it and wants to unpack his thoughts tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon we're supposed to go see The Last Jedi. I hope I can get into the doctor really early so we don't have to cancel the movie (and that I feel decent enough to go).

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hi Lea, glad you had a lovely Christmas and night together, sounds wonderful :) Funny you got each other the movie lol. I haven't actually seen it yet.

    Sorry about the neck pain, there is nothing worse than neck/back pain. Hope it gets resolved quickly.


    1. Thanks. It was a lovely night. It's worth a watch... It's a quirky off-beat movie. Sir said it was not at all what he expected.

      I think I'm finally starting to heal and see relief. The neck pain was worse than the back for me. I think nothing beats tooth pain for me though; that's the absolute worst.

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Hope the visit to the doctor helped. Did you make it to the movie?

    1. Thanks, Fondles.

      The doctor visit helped in that I was given some medicine to speed the healing process along. We did make it to the movie, because I had medicine so I could deal, haha! I loved it, a controversial opinion in the Star Wars fandom right now, heh.


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