Sunday, April 02, 2017

Don't Forget!

This morning, I left my wristcollar in the bathroom after I went to weigh myself (because obviously I have to do that completely naked; that bracelet could add TONS to my weight, haha!)

Well, Sir has been getting frustrated with me forgetting to put it back on lately. When he found it, he had me face myself down on the couch, and he got out the belt. He struck me over 20 times, asking me, "What did you forget?" repeatedly. Apparently, my first responses weren't submissive enough, contrite enough, perhaps. Eventually they changed and were to his liking. He placed the wristcollar back on, and we went on to have a lovely day.

We watched Pete's Dragon while snacking, and later we went to visit a new park and had a little picnic.

Hopefully I can remember to put the wristcollar RIGHT back on!


  1. Hi Lea, your comment about having to be naked to weigh yourself made me giggle. Your Sir was intent on reminding you wasn't he, I beg you won't forget again in a hurry. Glad you had such a lovely day together :)


    1. We had a great day. i wish I could say I didn't forget; but later this same day, I took a shower and DID NOT put it back on. I don't know what he's going to do with me!


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