Sunday, April 24, 2016

Who is the Strong One Today?

I'm trying to make an effort and a point to sit down here in blogland, even if I don't have the time to read as I would like lately.

Things are okay. I feel like Sir and I are working together to make our lives work; the past couple of weeks have gone smoother.

Sir and I had a big talk (or really series of talks) about how I can approach him when I need things done. I sort of playfully said "Your mission, if you choose to accept it..." He didn't quite like that. He's just happy with a "please" and a "can you?"

We also worked some on my frame of mind. Sir needs me to help him with reminders on things like this. Not just household stuff, but schoolwork, career stuff, health stuff.... just basic tasks that need to get done, but not necessarily immediately. Reminders work for him. So I can think of these things as truly being of service to Sir, instead of telling him what to do, which is what was in my head before.

Sir's been going through a difficult time mentally with all the stress of completing his education and I wasn't picking up on it. I'm worried about him, but I'm going to do my best to help him get through these next three months.

Three. Months - then we will be moving on to the next step of our lives: putting down roots.

I'm crazy busy with work and a buttload of family events. Lots of bridal showers, business trips, weddings, family birthday parties... and wakes, unfortunately. My aunt passed away at the age of 57 (same as my dad) last week. She is technically my cousin, but in my family we call all of our older cousins aunts/uncle, and are close to them as such.

I've also been planning an outdoor memorial for my dad on his birthday. It's this Friday, coming up fast. We're planting a tree in his favorite park. Sir starts his internship that same weekend, so with everything that has been and is going on, I feel like we aren't getting enough quality time together. I fly in after work for a few hours, then hop off somewhere, or leave right from work. My "days off" always have me jumping off somewhere. He's working on his thesis when I'm here, so we just need a couple days where nothings going on but each other. I have declined some things in an effort to give us some time, but we both knew April would be crazy - May should be calmer.

In other news, my current ongoing task from Sir is remembering to say "excuse me" when I burp. I guess being raised by a man who was a salt of the earth kinda fellow erased some of those niceties from me. It's not something I would do in my own house (of course I would in polite company).

So we're working through these times together. Even when I have those days where I feel like pulling my hair out, or he just wants to shake some sense into me we love each other and choose us, every single day. I choose us, and I choose this. 

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  1. Great post- shows that sometimes, relationship are just "be patient and kind to each other and support each other while you struggle to get from Point A to Point B". I tend to mistrust the blogs that are all wonderful hot, kinky sex and D/s or M/s all the time, myself. Fun stuff to read, but as we all well know, it's not the full story. Relationships are work as well as play and sometimes the work has to be prioritized to get to where we want to go and the fun has to go on the back burner for a bit. It sounds like you two are working together well to get to where you need to go, best of luck getting through a rough month and here's hoping May is much easier for you two.


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