Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

Since I'm only working the one job right now, I have my weekends free. This is such a blessing. There's more time for Sir and I to see each other. Therefore, Sir is much more on top of his Dom game. He does cater to me, and care for me. He's been very lenient with me lately, as I've been having some health issues. But I shouldn't let that get to my head. Last night I was a bit sleepy and whiny. Sir catered to me. I went to sleep with a teddy bear.

I woke up to the animal.

I woke Sir up with kisses. After his eyes were fully open, it was like a switch went off in his brain. He grabbed me by my hair, and proceeded to remind me of just who was in charge. He made me repeat it over and over. He forcefully reminded me of his title, as I still have issues remembering at times. After he stripped me down, he dragged me by my hair to the door, where he handcuffed me. And there I stood for 34 minutes while he ignored me and played his game. Id been bad for not completing his punishments when we were apart, and he'd not forgotten.

It made me feel small. Little. And wonderful.

It's harder for me to assume the right headspace at his whim, but I'm loving this.

I guess we never know what we'll wake up to!

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