Sunday, January 29, 2012

Appropriate Dress

Sir has decided that the appropriate dress code for me is… dresses. And skirts. I actually have no issue with this, though I thought that I would. Some amendments were made to this rule, being that I may wear leggings underneath my dress or skirt in cold weather, unless otherwise instructed (last week I had to forgo the leggings and it was mighty cold. It did make me thankful, however that I may normally wear leggings). I may also wear pants to my weekend outdoors job, because a skirt is highly impractical there, and a bit of a safety hazard.

I grew up as a bit of a tomboy. I have a brother, and it was not unusual for me to don his clothes around the neighborhood as a kid. In high school, my ultra girly cousin would make me her life sized beauty doll, and give me “girl lessons”. I didn’t hate this, I was just clueless/apathetic about how to do it on my own. I had a similar experience with a college roommate. I've gotten a bit girlier over the years. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve embraced more of my femininity and I’ve chosen to start dressing a little bit differently.

With this new rule, each day when I wake, I think about what I will wear with more care than I ever did before. I think this is a good thing. I think about my Sir, and what he might find pleasing, even though he might not see me that day. When I go out into the world, I am a bit of a reflection on him, though the connection is only seen by us. Dressing this way has also made me feel better about myself. Putting on a nice skirt or a dress really isn’t that difficult if you have appropriate items in your closet, and I just feel more confident and more lovely lately than in pants.

This weekend, I grabbed my customary jeans and a t-shirt as I prepared for my weekend job. It felt a little bit wrong after a week of just skirts and dresses, and I did feel a little frumpy.

I think this decision by Sir was a good one. It helps me hold my head a little bit higher. It makes me feel good about myself. And it makes me think more of him, and making him happy every day.


  1. I love wearing dresses! Since I've been with S I wear dresses most of the time. He often compliments me and comments on my femininity. I wear fancier and more risque things all the time. I have found that the new thigh high thick socks keep me quite warm, and I often wear boots too. :)

  2. I think it helps in making one feel beautiful. Sir also likes that it's "easy access".

    I should look into the thigh high socks - they sound wonderful. I often wear leggings, but it sort of defeats the purpose of the skirt. I usually wear boots with my skirts - Sir loves them!

  3. This is a great title for this post! In these times most people would consider the way we dress "inappropriate dress". i don't remember the last time i wore a pair of slacks, i know it's been years.

    For warmth in the winter months i wear stockings with my girdle as always. For the coldest of days i have a cotton slip, then i'll wear a wool skirt with a lining. Because my legs aren't separated by material as they would be in pants, i believe i am kept warmer in a skirt, if it's long enough!

    i subscribe to the school of thought that less can be more. Depending on what the Dominant prefers of course. Sometimes i think it can be so much sexier to show just enough to leave them guessing as to what's going on underneath. Just tight "enough", just low "enough"! i think that's hot! ;)

    We're a dying breed, we are. It's so good to see there are others out there who love to look and feel wonderful in ladies clothing! =)

  4. Treasure,

    Its good to know that there are others out there with the same inclinations; thank you. I absolutely appreciate the tips on staying warm - this has been something I've struggled with as of late; it's been absolutely freezing here lately.

    I'll look into getting a cotton slip. I have one made of nylon, I think. I also looked into the thigh high socks Tina mentioned, and I am VERY intrigued!

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