Sunday, June 02, 2013

Two Types of Rules

Since Sir has been enforcing his new rules, it got me to thinking on the types of rules that are set. I realized that there are two types of rules.

One type is given because the submissive needs it. The sub needs control in their life to function in general: getting to sleep on time, eating habits, activity schedule.

The other type of rules are given to help the submissive achieve service oriented goals that the dominant wishes. Behaviors, appealing dress, etc.

Right now, most of my rules are submissive-need based. Right now, I'm very overwhelmed, and I needed more micromanaging in my life as I spiraled out of control. I'm hoping that as time goes on, I can get myself back on track and the focus of our rules will become more want-oriented. I hope the rules that I'll follow will be more directed at Sir's wants of me. Dress, behaviors, and the like.

Of course there are blurry areas. For example, I had a rule on my attire: to always wear skirts or dresses. This is Sir's want, but it also dictates something very basic in my life. He's not been enforcing that rule as of yet, but I've tried as much as possible to keep to his dress code. I also must keep my hair long, and I've been actively growing it for two years.

I have 42 minutes of punishment still owed to Sir this week. I have gotten a little bit better in keeping myself in line, but still, 57 minutes this week out of line.

I have a lot of standing to do.

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