Monday, July 18, 2011


I experienced a very odd moment for me a few weeks ago. I was with The Dom, just enjoying his company, and doing my very level best to please him in any and every way of which I could think. I suppose I was doing an extraordinary job, because his response was so unusual and uninhibited, especially for him. I became extremely giddy off of it. I felt… powerful. I don’t think I was in the correct submissive state of mind. Yes, I wanted to please and service him, but at the same time, it was such a heady feeling to know that *I* was the one producing such a reaction from him, that it was *me* who could get him to be this way.

I’ve read similar situations to this in countless trite stories, and because of that I pushed these ideas off as silly. It was interesting to actually experience it, and see the grain of truth in other people’s words. It’s also something I’d want to be a bit careful of; my reaction was to express and acknowledge that power in a way that was not befitting a submissive person, through my words and my actions. My intent was still to please, but the manner and dynamic had changed completely.

Though it was an interesting experience, I really don’t think I *WANT* to switch. I’m hoping it was a one-off thing. I honestly wouldn’t really know what to do with myself, or with him after those moments, to be honest. I usually leave that to him. Still, knowledge is worth having, and since we’re not worse off for it, it’s all good in the end I suppose.

Have any of you ever experienced a moment like this? Especially if you typically think of yourself as submissive only? How did it come about, and what did you do with the knowledge?

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  1. Sure, there are times I feel powerful because I made him have a strong emotional or physical reaction.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with switching, if you're both open to it. I asked my Dom and he isn't interested so I'm ok with that. I think I am learning to revel in my power as a submissive... to feel powerful because my service makes him happy.


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